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Responsive Web Design Trends Statistics


First of all you may be wondering what responsive web design is.
Responsive web design means that a website is designed and developed so all of the sites content, text,images,photos, remain the same when viewed on any device. Iphone, Tablet / Ipad.


When a person accesses a website on their desktop, they get the full view / version of the site. But if the same person  looks at the site on a   smartphone or tablet, the site will automatically  fit on the smaller screen. showing the exact same information but a smaller version that is fully readable without the need to zoom in and out to read text. Its responsive so will respond and re size automatically.

With a responsive website you do not need to worry about having three different websites for different  devices or making sure that your site looks the same on mobile or tablet devices. Gone are the days of having two separate websites one for mobile and one for desktops, by having two websites it generates more of a workload where by every time you make a change to the mobile version you need to update the desktop version also. Responsive takes away this extra workload you only need to update one site.

Statistics show that desktop and laptop sales are decreasing and more people are accessing the internet on Mobiles so its important your website is compatible.

  • More than 30 percent of web searches including Google are now being done on a tablet or smartphone.
  • In 2012 half of all local searches in Ireland were done on a tablet or smartphone.
  • 40%  of all emails are viewed and replied to on a mobile phone or mobile device.
  • There is no doubt that mobile phones / internet usage will out rank desktop and laptops world wide.
  • There is no doubt that mobile phone internet usage will out rank desktop and laptops world wide.