Web Design Prices

How much should you pay for web design or develoment in Ireland.

You may have contacted a number of Web Design Companies looking for web design prices for your new website or your existing website redesigned and have received back quotations from a few hundred euro to thousands of euro for the same specification.  Why do some website design companies charge a few hundred euro and other companies charge thousands of euro.

Not every web designer or company can create a website that works for your business and bring in new sales and clients on a daily basis. The more experienced web design company will charge more as you will benefit where as the less experienced may be trying to build up their portfolio and will charge a few hundred euro for something that will never work. So prices and quality will be different. Prices will also depend if your site has a content management system or Responsive Design 

The cost / price of a website really depends on the functionality and your requirements. Some companies will offer web templates that are pre designed websites and are much cheaper than a custom built website but these templates rarely produce enquiries or website traffic.

The best option when looking for a new site is a bespoke design or custom built design that is tailor made and unique to your business. A custom or bespoke website design is done from scratch a blank canvas and  should be designed around your logo colors. Prices of custom designs are more expensive than templates because they take more time to produce and they look much better.




Basic Web Design

The cost of a basic static website consisting of five to six web pages should not be to expensive. What you are paying for here is the actual design of the site and your content added with other services such as domain name registration and hosting. This would be classed as web design and should not be to complicated to get online.

However if you require a content management system to enable you update your own text and images the cost will be more. When looking for a price on a website its important to let your web designer know your exact requirements as it may work out more expensive if functions or design work is not included in your initial specification. Don’t forget responsive websites which are compatible with smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops these are more expensive than static sites.


Web Development Prices

Web Development is programming and not web design. Once your designer has completed your design it is then handed over to the web developer who will program either a content management system or other functions based on your overall specification.

Web development is more expensive than web design as it is a specialist area and takes  time and skill the achieve a well coded website. An example of web development would be the following. Membership Websites. Classified Website, Advanced Social networking sites, or any type of site where visitors interact with various parts of your site.

The difference between a static website and a CMS ( Content Management System ) is that with a static website you do not have the capability to edit your website, but with a CMS system installed you can add / edit and upload photos.


Choosing The Right Web Design Company

Choosing the right web designer or company could be the difference between the success or failure of your website.